Earlier today, Automotive News published a piece discussing the potential revival of the iconic BMW 6 Series and the cancellation of a second XM project. However, our sources indicate that both claims might not reflect reality. Let’s start with the 6 Series. In 2022, we reported on BMW’s consideration of reviving the 6 Series nameplate, based on an article by Georg Kacher for WhichCar Australia. At that time, there was no definitive indication that BMW was planning a new 6 Series, and this has proven to be accurate.

Our sources confirm that there are no plans to reintroduce the BMW 6 Series. The iconic 6er was axed in the favor of the 8 Series in order to further differentiate between the midsize 4 Series – which has grown in size – and the more luxurious 8 Series. For a while, BMW still sold 6 Series models under the GT moniker. In fact, they are still selling them in some parts of the world. Additionally, the future of the 8 Series family is also uncertain. In a recent interview with BMW’s Head of Product Management, Bernd Koerber, it was revealed that the fate of the 8 Series has yet to be decided. If it does continue, the next-generation 8 Series will likely be built on the flexible CLAR platform but possibly only in the Gran Coupe bodystyle.

BMW XM – Not Canceled. Yet

Now onto the BMW XM topic. There is no secret that BMW is struggling with the high-end M SUV. Its styling and pricing has been under rapid fire since its introduction, and even despite massive discounts, plenty of units are still sitting in dealers’ lots. Overall, the BMW XM is a solid product, offering impressive power, an eco-friendly drivetrain, and numerous luxury features. However, its ride quality and pricing have deterred many customers from making a purchase.

Despite these challenges, the future of the BMW XM remains uncertain. According to our sources, discussions are ongoing in Munich, weighing the pros and cons. The production cycle for this first-generation XM will conclude in the summer of 2027. While a second generation has not been ruled out, cancellation appears more likely at this point.