BMW will be putting on a show next month at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed by bringing numerous models. The one we’re interested in seeing the most will be a “significant world debut from the BMW Group.” Assuming it’s from the core BMW brand, what could it be? We know the new M5 G90 will be unveiled on June 26. Perhaps the public debut will take place at the show in the UK?

We don’t think it’ll be the M5 Touring since it would make more sense to show the super wagon first on US soil. After all, the G99 is coming to North America, so BMW might want to show it there first. A mysterious M car will break cover on August 15 at Pebble Beach, and it could be the long-awaited performance estate.

Meanwhile, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is scheduled to take place July 11-14. Aside from the unknown new model, BMW intends to bring the X3 M50. It’s an M Performance version of the recently introduced fourth generation of the luxury crossover. In addition, the 2025 M135 hot hatch will attend the show alongside the 2025 M2 and 2025 M3 Touring.

If you’re still not convinced, BMW’s lineup will also include the UK debut of the M4 CS limited edition. As if that wasn’t enough, the one-off Skytop will be there as well, plus the artsy i5 Flow Nostokana. Other notable mentions would be the Vision Neue Klasse concept, the M Hybrid V8 Art Car, the i7, and the i5 Touring.

As to which BMWs will go up the famous hill, the Le Mans-winning V12 LMR will tackle the course. Its spiritual successor, the M Hybrid V8, will also race on the 1.16-mile (1.86-kilometer) track. BMW Group Classic is also bringing a 318i touring car and a 2002 TIK. If you’d rather see something from the current lineup, the M4 CS will climb the hill as well.

Source: BMW