Here we go again. After an image of the new X3 emerged earlier than scheduled at the beginning of the month, the G45 is making a comeback. This time around, we’re getting a blurry look at the M Performance model. We’re certain it’s the M50 judging by what looks like an M badge on one of the kidneys. The grille itself has a different design than what we saw on the regular luxury crossover. It likely has horizontal bars instead of the unusual design pattern of the lesser versions.

The large grille is complimented by generously sized air intakes, although they’re probably not as big as they seem here. Knowing BMW’s modus operandi, there’s a lot of glossy black trim around the lower intake, making it seem bigger than it actually is. The front bumper’s split design is likely reserved for the X3 M50 to presumably make it look more aggressive.

As we already noticed in the first leaked image, those headlights won’t be shared with other existing models. We can’t properly see them here but BMW has confirmed the new X3 will have up to 22-inch wheels. Another confirmed detail is the quad exhaust system, which is trickling down to yet another M Performance car. The X3 M50 joins the X1 M35i, X2 M35i, and the M135 with a quad-pipe setup. There’s more to come since the new M235 Gran Coupe will have a similar layout.

Since this is the second image to leak online, the world premiere can’t be far ahead. We know for sure BMW intends to show off the fourth-generation X3 in June. With the M5 G90 debuting on the 26th of the month, logic tells us the German luxury marque wants to keep the two premieres several days apart. With that in mind, don’t be too surprised if crossover’s unveiling is happening in the coming days.

When the covers will finally come off, the 2025 X3 will be the first BMW with iDrive 9 and the traditional rotary knob. There won’t be another X3 M since that role will be assumed by a fully electric model on the Neue Klasse platform. The X3 M40d is also not coming back since it’s hard to justify a performance diesel in 2024.

Source: cochespias1 / Instagram