The new BMW X3 won’t debut until later this month but someone has decided to let the cat out of the bag. An official image of the luxury crossover (codenamed G45) is already making the rounds on social media. The photo allegedly comes from BMW itself, so someone working there has some explaining to do. While we can’t vouch for the authenticity of this image, it does look legit.

We’re looking at a plug-in hybrid version judging by the fuel cap in the front fender. This 2025 BMW X3 doesn’t have the M Sport Package, nor is it the M Performance variant. The X3 M40i replacement will be called M50 and is going to have a different grille design compared to the lesser models. This electrified variant has striking kidneys with a design pattern we saw earlier this week on the new 1 Series F70.

On the compact hatchback, BMW claims the radiator grille has an “innovative structure” combining vertical and diagonal bars. Customers will decide whether they like it or not with their hard-earned money. We reckon it’ll take us a while to get used to it. The unconventional grille follows many other polarizing design cues we’ve seen recently, such as the split headlights. The XM as a whole is a love/hate affair.

The look-at-me kidneys have an illuminated contour and are flanked by fully redesigned headlights that don’t really resemble other BMWs. The blue elements inside the clusters denote this 2025 X3 has adaptive matrix LED lights. Elsewhere, we’re noticing a silver skid plate, black wheels, and door handles flush with the body. The smooth profile makes us think of the iX.

The grille will be the talk of the town yet again. It’s a bold move on BMW’s part, especially considering the outgoing X3 was its best-selling model in 2023. Shaking up its design to such an extent poses a risk as it could discourage potential buyers.

Source: leaktveak/ Instagram