Get used to seeing Zandvoort Blue on something other than the M2. With the 2025 2 Series Coupe, BMW is adding this color choice to the lesser M240i as well. The German configurator has gone live, showing the solid paint finish together with fresh 19-inch wheels. In Europe, the M Performance model now comes with the M high-gloss Shadow Line and sun protection glazing as standard equipment.

As we discovered earlier today, the M240i lineup has been halved in Europe where the rear-wheel-drive model has vanished. Going exclusively xDrive means it’s now more expensive to buy a not-quite M2. Those who do have the budget to get the full-fat M car also have more colors to choose from as four extra Individual finishes are now available.


The configurator allows you to peek inside where there are some noteworthy changes. The steering wheel now has a red mark at the 12 o’clock position along with a flat-bottomed rim. All 2 Series Coupe models, including the M240i, receive standard M PerformTex velour upholstery. Additionally, the central air vent surround has gained fancy ambient lighting.

Should you want some hardware upgrades to go along with the design tweaks, BMW offers an M Technology Package. Interestingly, it carries the retro-flavored M Technik Paket name in Germany and offers bigger brakes and improved engine cooling.

All these minor changes don’t really add up to a fully fledged Life Cycle Impulse but they do keep the M240i fresh and competitive. It’s just a shame the rear-wheel-drive model is gone in Europe and BMW still isn’t putting a manual gearbox inside. We’ve looked all over the configurator and there’s no sign of a carbon fiber roof option, despite reports saying it’s planned.

Although configurators are already up and running in some countries, the market launch isn’t happening until August. The lesser 2 Series models along with the M2 will go on sale at the same time. All G42 and G87 models will come off the assembly line in Mexico.

Source: BMW Deutschland