BMW is doing things a bit differently with the latest-generation 5 Series.  Although an M Performance is available, it doesn’t have a combustion engine. The M division only sells a fully electric i5 M60, without a M550i gas-powered sibling. There’s no news about a new V8 variant. Well, other than the hotly anticipated M5 coming soon.

For the bigger 7 Series, the German luxury brand does offer an M760e as a plug-in hybrid with an inline-six. We haven’t heard anything about a hot PHEV being planned for the 5 Series. Consequently, the not-quite-M 5 Series is strictly an electric affair. BMW is showing it off as a more practical Touring with Fire Red paint. This color has a different name in North America where it’s called Vegas Red.

The company’s regional branch in Slovakia highlights the fast long-roof EV with the stately 21-inch wheels available as an Individual option. The same goes for the Merino leather interior in Silverstone II and Atlas Grey. This G61 is loaded with goodies, including a carbon fiber trim and the crystal-like finish for the gear selector, start/stop button, and iDrive rotary knob.

The i5 M60 Touring is one of the most versatile BMWs money can buy, but it is missing a practical feature preceding 5 Series Touring generations had. We’re talking about being able to open the rear glass without having to raise the entire tailgate. Thankfully, this function is still available in the smaller 3 Series Touring in all its flavors.

The M Performance G60/G61 models are a good preview of the actual M cars, the G90 sedan and G99 wagon. We’ll see the former in the last week of June while the latter is debuting later in 2024. Imagine the hot wagon looking like this but with fender flares, bigger air intakes, and a quad exhaust system. It should have a similar kidney grille design, along with bespoke wheels and other model-specific changes.

BMW has decided against bringing the 5 Series/i5 Touring to the United States but the G99 has had its US visa approved.

Source: BMW Slovakia