BMW M Motorsport engineers have been working intensively to enhance their flagship GT racing car, the BMW M4 GT3. Their efforts have culminated in the introduction of the EVO version, presented on Wednesday evening ahead of the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring in the M Showroom at the Ring Boulevard. The BMW M4 GT3 EVO, alongside its counterpart, the BMW M4 GT4 EVO, will be ready for race action from the 2025 season.

Focused Evolution for Enhanced Performance

The development of the BMW M4 GT3 EVO is the result of an intensive dialogue with teams and drivers. BMW M Motorsport engineers prioritized not just pure performance but also areas like drivability, efficiency, and reliability. The BMW M4 GT3 EVO features significant updates to its chassis. Instead of traditional paint, the car now boasts a lighter cathodic dip coating. Enhancements for aerodynamic efficiency include smaller aero mirrors, larger air outlets on the front wheel arches, and an adjusted rear wing. These changes contribute to improved airflow and stability at high speeds.

To enhance drivability and reduce wear, the EVO version is equipped with new anti-roll bars on both the front and rear axles, larger rear brake discs, and a finely adjustable differential. These modifications result in less tire and brake wear, offering more consistent performance over extended periods.

New headlights at the front and rear feature an LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) design, enhancing visibility and modernizing the car’s appearance. The car’s livery embodies a bold “Inception” design, integrating themes of digitality and dimensionality. The iconic M colors are presented in a high-contrast mosaic, with light blue on the left, dark blue in the middle, and red on the right, arranged in an asymmetrical layout. Additionally, the livery features a non-reflective matte black section ahead of the driver to aid focus and weight-saving by omitting foil in dark areas, revealing the carbon fiber construction.

Price and Availability

The BMW M4 GT3 EVO is priced at 578,000 euros net, reflecting its advanced engineering and comprehensive enhancements. Both the M4 GT3 and M4 GT4 EVO versions will be available for the 2025 racing season.

EngineP58 3,0l straight six M TwinPower Turbo
Outputup to 590 hp
TransmissionX-Trac 6-speed gearbox
390mm disc & 6-piston calipers front; 380mm disc & 4-piston calipers rear