With BMW only offering seven colors for the G87, it’s no wonder owners are looking for greater customization. The German car wrap specialists at SchwabenFolia recently worked on a Sapphire Black car by giving it a significant makeover. This rear-wheel-drive sports coupe now boasts an eye-catching satin silver exterior.

Not knowing it’s a wrap, you’d be hard-pressed to believe this isn’t the original color. Even challenging sections of the body such as the two center parking sensors in the rear bumper are perfectly executed. The owner decided to keep the carbon fiber roof exposed, but it now has paint protection film for ease of mind.

Interestingly, the door handles and trunk lid spoiler also retain the original black look, as do the side mirror caps. We’d argue the dark accents work nicely with the dual-spoke wheels (Style 930M) featuring an all-black appearance. This G87 also happens to have the Shadowline headlights, so it all makes sense. Whoever owns this car has good taste, without overdoing it with some flashy wrap to grab attention.

As for the interior, this G87 has the optional carbon bucket seats in the front where you’ll also notice the carbon trim. The M2 featured here has an eight-speed automatic, which is the standard gearbox in Europe. Should you want to row your own gears, the six-speed manual costs extra on the Old Continent.

If none of the colors offered by BMW tickle your fancy but you don’t want to respray the car or wrap it, new hues are coming soon. We’ve heard some of the following paint choices are planned for the 2025 M2: Sao Paulo Yellow, Portimao Blue, Skyscraper Grey, Fire Red, Voodoo Blue, Java Green, and Twilight Purple. There could be additional Individual colors beyond the already available Frozen Portimao Blue and Frozen Pure Grey.

Next year, the M2 CS could get special colors since that has been the case with big-brother M4 CS. Last year’s M3 CS also had a few eye-catching shades.

Source: SchwabenFolia / Instagram