Although BMW unveiled the M4 facelift at the end of January, production of the facelifted model didn’t start until later in March. It’s now mid-May, so more and more dealers are having the LCI version on display. The coupe version in Competition guise with xDrive has been filmed at a showroom in Croatia. The G82 was in great company since it was sitting next to the ultra-rare 3.0 CSL.

Painted in Individual Dravit Grey, the 2025 BMW M4 comes with the optional adaptive matrix LED headlights and laser taillights. The latter are derived from the 3D-esque rear lights of the 3.0 CSL nearby. However, it was the M4 CSL that had them first. Although the M4 comes with new wheel designs, this car has the familiar 826 M set with a two-tone finish.

You don’t necessarily have to have a carbon roof. Without charging extra, BMW offers a steel roof with an electrically operated sliding glass roof. If you choose the old-fashioned roof, it always has a high-gloss black finish rather than being body-colored. At the rear, the BMW logo gets a new glossy black surround while the M badge has a silver contour.

Hopping inside, this 2025 M4 Coupe has the extended Merino leather in Silverstone/Black with the standard seats. The cabin has been largely carried over but the flat-bottomed steering wheel is new. The central air vents have been redesigned and now incorporate contour lighting. This Competition model has the carbon fiber trim on the dashboard and center console.

Because it’s an xDrive model, it has more power than before. The LCI version has gained 20 horsepower, so the S58 engine is rated at 523 hp. An even more potent iteration of the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six is available in the new M4 CS with 543 hp. The rear-wheel-drive versions of the sports coupe soldier on with 473 hp for the manual model and 503 hp for the automatic.

Source: Cars with Juan Gasolina / YouTube