BMW Motorrad is taking motorcycle technology to the next level with its new Automated Shift Assistant (ASA). This innovative system is designed to make motorcycle riding easier and more comfortable by automating the clutch and gear shifting processes. The ASA uses two electromechanical actuators to control the clutch and gears on the motorcycle’s six-speed transmission. Unlike traditional bikes, there’s no need for the rider to use a hand lever to operate the clutch. This means starting, stopping, and maneuvering the bike becomes much simpler.

How Does it Enhance the Riding Experience?

With the ASA, shifting gears becomes smoother and faster. The system adjusts the shifts based on the engine’s revs and the load, ensuring precise gear changes. This not only makes the ride more enjoyable but also less tiring, as the rider doesn’t have to focus on shifting gears manually. Additionally, the system maintains a strong connection with the bike’s powerful boxer engine, allowing for better control through the throttle grip and gearshift lever.

Modes for Every Rider

  • Manual (M) Mode: Riders can shift gears using the foot control, giving them the freedom to choose when to shift.
  • Automatic (D) Mode: In this mode, the bike automatically selects the best shift points based on various factors like engine load and riding conditions, optimizing bike performance and stability.

The ASA also enhances safety. It smooths out the gear changes, reducing the jolt associated with manual transmissions. This decreases the risk of the rider and passenger bumping helmets. The system also ensures that downshifts are smooth, which helps in maintaining stability and reducing wear on the bike.

Beyond improving the current riding experience, the ASA is designed to work with other advanced features like Active Cruise Control and collision warning systems. This integration represents a step toward more automated and safer motorcycling, especially useful in challenging riding conditions or when carrying extra weight like luggage or a passenger.

Building on the technology of the BMW Motorrad Shift Assistant Pro, the ASA features advanced electronic controls and electromechanical actuators. It also uses sensors to monitor the revs and position of the clutch, allowing for finely tuned control of the bike’s performance. Whether it’s daily commuting or adventurous road trips, the ASA promises a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable riding experience.