BMW is massively investing at multiple sites across the world to get everything ready for the Neue Klasse’s arrival. The iX3 will get the ball rolling in 2025, followed a year later by the i3 sedan. Four additional electric vehicles on the NK underpinnings will arrive before 2028. To support the arrival of a new wave of EVs, Plant Landshut is getting a major upgrade.

The BMW Group is spending €200 million ($213M at current exchange rates) to bolster the production of components. This brings the grand total of investments at Plant Landshut to a whopping €1 billion since 2020. The upcoming cash infusion is reserved for a new three-level production hall that will feature two production lines. These will cover an area of 12,000 square meters to build the central housing of the electric drive unit for NK models.

Additional investments could be made at the German site since BMW bought a plot of land next to Plant Landshut back in January. It’s approximately 30,000 square meters in size. The automaker hasn’t decided yet how it’ll use the newly acquired land.

The workforce is also growing considering BMW hired over 250 employees in 2023 and will add hundreds of new people to the payroll this year. As it stands, Plant Landshut employs around 3,700 people, making it the biggest employer in the region.

Some impressive stats about Plant Landshut’s activity in 2023: 3.6 million cast components, 430,000 plastic parts for car exteriors, and 300,000+ CFRP parts. Last year, it also put together 1.4 million propeller shafts and 286,000 cockpits. Interestingly, “20,000 special engines” were built there. The dashboards of the 5 Series, 7 Series, and iX are made there as well.

Combustion engines are made there but only on a demand-driven basis. Aside from the propeller shafts we mentioned, Plant Landshut also produces crankcases and cylinder heads. Some bits and pieces of the 6 Series’ interior are also made there. As a reminder, the “G32” Gran Turismo is still assembled in India.

Source: BMW