Being a professional athlete has its perks, especially if you’re at the top of your game. 2024 marks the 108th edition of the BMW Open and the event’s champion will earn a shiny new car. The Bavarian marque will be handing over the keys to an i5 M60, the fully electric M Performance version of the latest 5 Series. The hot EV has already been built and it’s awaiting its owner, who will be decided next week.

The BMW Open 2024 takes place April 15-21 during which 28 players compete in the main singles draw to win the i5 M60. The event in Munich, Germany offers €85,605 in prize money but the car up for grabs is worth substantially more than that. The hottest 5 Series on sale starts at €99,500 in its domestic market. However, that’s before adding the Individual Tanzanite Blue Metallic paint worth €2,140. Those 21-inch wheels with a two-tone finish are another €2,450.

BMW Germany boss Christian Ach took the wraps off the big prize on the center court at the MTTC Iphitos. He was joined at the tennis club in Munich by tournament director Patrik Kühnen. Previously, Kühnen had been invited to the Dingolfing factory to inspect the i5 M60 and even drive it for a bit.

Much like the i5 M60, the shuttle fleet will consist exclusively of electric BMWs. The iX1 and iX2 will be there, along with larger vehicles such as the i5 and i5 Touring. In addition, the stately i7 is going to drive players around during the tournament next week.

The i5 M60 is unlikely the only special car to be awarded in 2024 by BMW to a professional athlete. Every year at the end of the MotoGP season, the BMW M Award is given to the fastest qualifier. Last year, Ducati rider Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia drove home in the XM Label Red.

Source: BMW