Automakers typically publish teasers during the week but BMW wants to do things differently for the hotly anticipated 2025 M5. The M division wants to make your Sunday more enjoyable by releasing a new video shot during the final winter test. The latest footage shows us the G90 and G99 enduring subzero temperatures in Sweden.

BMW still refuses to go into details about the performance sedan and wagon. However, we do get to see camouflaged prototypes inside and out. As with the previous video, the cabin is mostly blurred to conceal the dual-screen iDrive 8.5 and what we believe is a new gear selector. The exterior disguise tries to hide the bulging wheel arches of the M5 compared to a regular 5 Series.

The M5 Touring has a large roof spoiler whereas the sedan has a more subtle trunk lid spoiler similar to what you’ll find on the i5 M60. The electric M Performance model also has the M-specific side mirror caps. That said, it’s the true M5 that will look far more aggressive given its wider stance and quad exhaust system. It’ll also get a meaner kidney grille design and larger wheels with wider tires (285/40/20 front and 295/35/21 rear).

Much like the 530e and 550e models, the M5 will have the charging port on the left-front fender. BMW has said a fully charged battery is going to provide an electric driving range of 43 miles (70 kilometers). The battery pack is said to have a usable energy content of 18.6 kWh, which would be less than the 25.7 kWh available in the XM.

The video ends with the 2025 M5 duo going into a cold chamber where they spend the night at -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). The third part of the series is likely to focus on the performance delivered by the V8 engine and electric motor. If you haven’t watched part one, we’ve attached it below.

Source: BMW M / YouTube