Porsche recently hopped on the electric SUV bandwagon with the new Macan but two additional high-riding EVs are on the way. Not only will the next-generation Cayenne go purely electric, but so will a larger SUV. The latter carries the “K1” internal codename and has been spied undergoing testing for the first time.

Autocar has spy shots of the luxobarge at the source link below, showing a prototype much larger than the Macan EV and the current-generation Cayenne. It looks more along the lines of a supersized wagon than an SUV but it’s probably because the camouflage is playing tricks on us. The testing phase is still in its infancy, so we’ll have to wait for future prototypes to gradually drop the disguise and reveal the production body.

While the Porsche Macan and its Audi Q6 E-Tron twin will fight the Neue Klasse iX3 coming in 2025, the next-generation Cayenne we mentioned should do battle with the unconfirmed iX5. We’ve heard through the grapevine there won’t be a second-generation iX, so the larger electric SUV from Porsche is likely to rival a potential iX7. Expect the biggest electric X model from BMW to stay on the CLAR platform rather than switch to Neue Klasse.

Reports state Porsche intends to give the fullsize electric SUV a more practical three-row layout. We reckon BMW will do the same to differentiate the iX7 from the smaller iX5 and iX3. Zuffenhausen’s behemoth is set to ride on a dedicated electric architecture instead of adapting a platform primarily intended for vehicles with combustion engines.

The flagship Porsche EV is supposedly over five meters (nearly 197 inches) long whereas the current X7 measures 5.1 meters (about 203 inches). The “K1” is rumored to adopt a 920V electrical system that would make it one of the fastest-charging electric vehicles on the market. It’s allegedly going to benefit from electric motors with oil cooling, an all-wheel steering system, and an electronic rear differential.

The Porsche K1 is slated to arrive around 2027 when BMW could also launch the next-generation X7 with the “G67” codename. The iX7 is believed to use Gen6 batteries, the iDrive X infotainment system, and Panoramic Vision head-up display debuting next year with the Neue Klasse iX3.

As for the iX, it’s expected to remain in production until June 2028. Meanwhile, a Life Cycle Impulse planned for the vehicles produced from March 2025 will bring more power and extra range.

Source: Autocar