A rare E39 BMW M5 in mint condition, and with low miles, sold at an auction last week. While the final price has yet to be communicated, (likely over $100,000),let’s take a look at what makes this particular E39 M5 so exciting. This 25,000-mile E39 M5 was listed on the LBI Limited website featuring a unique color combination. This model stood out not just for its rarity but for its exquisite Oxford Green hue enveloping a Caramel Leather Interior, a combination graced upon only approximately 71 vehicles.

Two Owners, Low Miles

Photo provided by LBI Limited

Initially ordered from BMW of San Francisco, it crossed the Atlantic to begin its life in California in June 2001, only to be embraced by its first Colorado-based owner who ensured its meticulous care through the years, driving it sparingly while keeping its heart and soul in pristine condition. The first owner maintained possession for 22 years, throughout which the car covered merely 24,872 miles (40,027 km). In July 2023, the first owner entrusted the car to a dealership in Erie, Colorado, where it swiftly found a new owner. The subsequent caretaker added only about 800 miles to the odometer before LBI Limited acquired it.

The listing says that some notable services under initial ownership include a full fluid change in July of 2011, a new Vanos solenoid in May of 2013, a rear left upper control arm in April of 2020, and a camshaft position sensor in August of 2021. Everything is stock, aside from an Escort Passport SR1 radar detector, WeatherTech floor mats on top of the factory mats, and a Tec cup holder. The LBI Limited also replaced the front tires and carried out a full detail.

Pristine Condition

Photo provided by LBI Limited

Additionally, the auction site says this M5 continues to exhibit exceptional condition overall, displaying only slight indications of wear and age. These are primarily minor paint chips that have been carefully touched up, along with some faint scratches, mostly confined to the vehicle’s front end. All four tires are Pirelli P zeros with plenty of tread life left.

The E39 M5’s journey began at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show, marking a pivotal moment in BMW’s storied legacy. It was the dawn of the V8 era for the M5 lineage, coupled with groundbreaking aluminum front suspension components and a sophisticated multi-link rear suspension setup. This engineering marvel unleashed nearly 400 horsepower through a six-speed manual transmission, a testament to BMW’s commitment to driving purists. Officially, it could rocket from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.8 seconds, with an electronically capped speed of 155 mph. Yet, in the hands of those who dared to remove its shackles, the M5 soared beyond, reaching speeds in excess of 186 mph. From 1999 to 2003, BMW crafted 20,482 examples of this automotive masterpiece, with nearly half finding homes in North America.

Given the rarity of just 71 examples featuring this specific color and interior pairing, it’s clear why this E39 M5 garnered such attention. We’re optimistic that it has found its way to a genuine car aficionado, and perhaps we’ll have the chance to admire it at a BMW event in the future.

[Source: LBI Limited / Photos provided by LBI Limited]