Have you ever seen a B58 engine making 1500 horsepower? We haven’t, but apparently there is one in the world. Shop CT, a tuning shop based in Connecticut, might have created the most powerful BMW 2 Series in the world. Starting with a base BMW M240i xDrive, powered by what could become a legendary engine – the B58, the tuning outfit increased the base power of the car from 382 horsepower to 1500 horsepower!

Highly Modified Drivetrain

To showcase the car, they brought it to the TX2K24 drag racing event setting a record for quickest and fastest BMW, running 7.9 seconds @175 mph in a quarter-mile run. In the past, they ran a 8.42 seconds at 164.23 mph, so this is quite an improvement. Despite the power and speed, the M240i apparently retained most of its original features, including climate control and the infotainment system. According to the owner, the M240i weighs about 3510 pounds with him in the driver’s seat. The car also ran from 60-130 mph in 2.80 sec.

Huge Turbos

At the heart of this sleeper’s extraordinary performance is its highly modified B58 six-cylinder engine. The latest enhancements include a Next GEN 7480 Sportsman turbocharger from Precision Turbo & Engine, marking a significant upgrade that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with turbocharged power. This powerhouse is further refined with a Visconti Tuning 3.0 Stage 2 engine and a KLM turbo kit.

Supporting this remarkable engine setup is a meticulously upgraded drivetrain. Pure Drivetrain Solutions’ Stage 3 transmission ensures that the immense power is smoothly transferred to the all-wheel-drive system, allowing for unparalleled acceleration and grip. This is complemented by beefed-up axles and a carbon driveshaft, designed to handle the car’s explosive power output. [Via: Motor1]