Honestly, watching ads is something we rarely voluntarily do but this new commercial from BMW is worth a look. In a bid to promote its service side of the business, the minute-long video shows the fully electric 5 Series in a drive-through safari park. It’s an i5 in the lesser eDrive40 specification rather than the M60 but it does have the optional M Sport Package.

Painted in Brooklyn Grey and riding on stately 21-inch wheels, this 5 Series Sedan without a combustion engine is in for quite an adventure. The zero-emission G60 sustains minor damage caused by a variety of wild animals, including a lion and a tiger. In addition, monkeys are a bit too enthusiastic with the windscreen wipers, while an elephant blows water from its trunk straight into the car. The four people inside the i5 also have a close encounter with a giraffe, which seems to be a bit more friendly than the other animals.

BMW Service’s slogan is “Whatever Happens,” so if your car is somehow damaged while you’re driving through a safari park, the German luxury brand has got you covered. For the right price, of course.

Rather than relying on computer-generated imagery (CGI), actual animals were used to shoot this new commercial to make it more authentic. Don’t worry – BMW wishes to point out that “the animals were treated with care and respect, never subjected to abuse or overworking. We collaborated with animal welfare experts for their well-being.”

While the animals are real, we can’t help but notice that the damages incurred by the i5 eDrive40 seem to be fabricated. Whatever the case may be, the new ad for BMW Service goes to show people working in marketing still have original ideas that are nicely executed by a professional video team with a mélange of real shots and some clever CGI trickery.

Source: BMW / YouTube