For many people, the love affair for BMWs started by playing Need for Speed while growing up. By far the most illustrious model was the M3 GTR from Most Wanted (2005), although it appeared in subsequent titles from the long-running franchise. Someone decided to build one for himself to drive in the real world.

As you would imagine, it’s not an actual M3 GTR since those are exceptionally rare. The V8-powered M3 E46 was a homologation special built in only 10 units. Decades later, it still holds the title for the most expensive M3 ever, priced at around €250,000. Finding one for sale rarely occurs, and should it happen again, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. This Most Wanted tribute started out in life as a 330Ci before getting the NFS treatment.

When current owner Yuri bought the car, the GTR lookalike already had many parts of the body kit but the car’s overall condition was less than ideal. He took it upon himself to complete the build and already plans a new project to make the car even more of a faithful replica. Eagle-eyed viewers the front bumper of this car is slightly different than the real thing. In addition, the follow-up to this car will get an S65 V8 that was used by BMW in the E90/92/93 M3 that came after the E46.

Although it’s not a spitting image of the Need for Speed car, this 330Ci-based M3 GTR impresses with its attention to detail. It has the bulging fenders of the race car featured in the video game whereas the ultra-rare Strassenversion was slightly toned down. In addition, the track-only version has a huge rear wing that has been replicated here but the road-going model had a more subdued aero element.

Source: Roads Untraveled / YouTube