In the world of high-performance and practical vehicles, the BMW M3 Touring (G81) has already etched its mark as a symbol of unrivaled dynamism coupled with practical versatility. For enthusiasts who crave more of the M3 Touring’s driving dynamics, recent photos emerging from the Czech Republic serve as a reminder of the car’s capabilities. These latest images capture the M3 Touring, draped in a vibrant Toronto Red Metallic, carving through a snowy landscape with an impressive drift angle that speaks volumes of its dynamic prowess.

Practical, But Track-Ready Also

There is a twist to this drifting saga though: the BMW M3 Touring does it with a roof box from the BMW accessories range. Mounted atop the power-packed sports wagon, the roof box not only adds a unique aesthetic appeal but significantly enhances its utility by offering ample storage space for additional luggage.

BMW offers these roof boxes in various sizes – 320, 420, or 520 liters – with side panels typically finished in titanium silver. For those seeking a more personalized touch, there’s an option to customize the side panels in the vehicle color, ensuring the roof box complements the M3 Touring’s striking appearance seamlessly, either through painting or foiling.

A Success Story For BMW M

The BMW M3 Touring’s allure isn’t solely attributed to its practical aspects like the additional storage space. What truly sets it apart is its great blend of the spaciousness of a 3 Series Touring with the exhilarating driving dynamics synonymous with the M3 Sedan. Of course, this turned the BMW M3 Touring into a success story for the M brand with sales exceeding expectations.

Even though the first-ever M3 Touring debuted less than two years ago, a Life Cycle Impulse is already being worked on. Perhaps that’s not such a big surprise considering BMW wants to align the performance estate with the LCI for the M3 Sedan as well as the M4 derivatives. The facelifted M3 wagon will be unveiled this summer. There are even talks of a hardcore CS version which is likely to arrive in 2025.

[Photos: BMW Czech Republic]