As Valentine’s Day approaches, brands across the globe seek innovative ways to connect with their audience, blending their products with the universal theme of love. BMW has taken this opportunity to play around with their kidney grille, in a playful way (pun intended). Domagoj Dukec, the chief designer at BMW, has stirred the bimmer community by posting an intriguing image of the new BMW 5 Series that artfully plays with the concept of love and design.

The Heart-Shaped Kidney Grille

At first glance, the nighttime design of the new BMW 5 Series reveals what appears to be a heart-shaped kidney grille. This Iconic Glow heart, reminiscent of BMW’s iconic kidney grille, is visually interrupted in the middle, inviting viewers to imaginatively complete the heart’s shape. This innovative design raises the question: Is BMW preparing a heart-shaped kidney grille for its future models, or is this just a visually captivating gesture for Valentine’s Day? Before you bring out your pitch forks, of course, it’s the latter.

Of course, BMW’s Valentine’s Day initiative is more than just a creative exploration of design; it reflects the broader role of social media in enabling brands to engage with their audiences in a relatable and emotive manner. This approach invites the audience to view the brand through a new lens, appreciating the blend of unique content, controversial or not. Whether perceived as a whimsical gesture or a stroke of marketing genius, BMW’s Valentine’s Day celebration is a vibrant expression of love. As we reflect on these creative endeavors, one thing is certain: BMW knows how to drive its message straight to the hearts of its fans, making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for automotive enthusiasts and romantics alike.

Kidneys Will Change Again In The Future

Luckily, the era of very large kidney grilles might not be a thing of the future. When BMW brings out the Neue Klasse models, the entire front fascia takes a new styling direction. Long gone are the large vertical nostrils, and in are the elongated and “phygital” kidneys. Of course, that digital front-end will bring out even more innovations when it comes to light design and displaying of information – like a shape of heart of Valentine’s Day.