The new BMW 5 Series Touring is finally here, bringing extensive exterior and interior changes to the luxury wagon. Wagons offer plenty of the advantages of an SUV – while eschewing many of the downsides – and are still a popular choice for enthusiasts and families that prioritize fuel efficiency and driving dynamics. The new one continues to uphold those values while offering a little more space, newer tech, and more performance.

For reference: the new 5 Series Touring stretches 97 mm (3.8 inches) longer than its predecessor (5,060 mm/199 inches total). It grows horizontally, too, 32 mm (1.2 inches) wider than the last generation, now measuring 1,900 mm (74.8 inches). It stands 17 mm (0.6 inches) taller, now coming in at 1,515 mm (59.6 inches). It also now sports the longest wheelbase in its class, increasing by 20 mm (0.7 inches) to 2,995 mm (117.9 inches).

Front and Rear: New BMW 5 Series Touring vs. Old 5 Series

The new 5 Series Touring sports a front end straight off the rest of the new 5 Series lineup. The result is a larger, more vertical grille, modernized lighting elements, and a more aerodynamic front bumper design. Though there is a little bit more black plastic on the bottom of the bumper, the new 5 Series Touring overall looks fresher and more aggressive than the outgoing model.

There are many select changes in the rear of the vehicle, too. LED taillights feature an L-shaped chrome strip and are unquestionably more futuristic than the ones found on the back of the old 5er. New L-shaped chrome accents break up the negative space toward the bottom of the bumper, a result of less black plastic being used in the diffusor. Reflectors are now vertically integrated into the accents, instead of horizontally on the bumper.

Side Profile: New BMW 5 Series Touring vs. Old

From the side, the newest 5 Series Touring offers a significantly more aggressive look. Sharper angles, bigger wheel options, and a slightly more pronounced roof spoiler all make the new 5 look a little sportier. A flat rear window further emphasizes the vehicle’s performance-oriented nature. The Hofmeister kink is – surprisingly – more pronounced than the outgoing model’s. Reimagined body lines give the new car a boxed-off and athletic stance.

Interior of the New BMW 5 Series Touring vs. Old

The new 5 Series Touring is a clear improvement in quality, refinement, and technology. BMW says that the front shoulder room significantly increases in the new car, and noticeably more leg, shoulder, and elbow room in the rear. It’s also easier to load in cargo, thanks to a broader luggage compartment opening. 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats offer 1,700 liters (60 cubic feet) of storage space when stowed. Even with the seats up, you still get 560 liters (19.7 cubic feet) of cargo capacity.

Of course, the cockpit is obviously refreshed and brings a new level of connectivity to the 5 Series Touring. The curved display joins the BMW Interaction Bar (when applicable) and a generally less cluttered cabin. It’s an obvious and logical progression from the old vehicle.


The 5 Series Touring is a mostly expected evolution of the outgoing model. Since we already knew what the sedan model looked like, most of the changes are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It’s definitely a much more aggressive-looking vehicle, particularly in M Performance trims. It’s a great sign for the M5 Touring model to come.