A new set of spy photos has revealed some design details of the upcoming 2025 BMW X3, codenamed G45. The fourth-generation X3 is engineered on the CLAR flexible platform, which means that it will share some design details with other existing BMW models. While future CLAR-based models, such as the G65 X5, will adopt Neue Klasse technology and design cues, the G45 BMW X3 finds itself in a transitional phase.

No Major Changes Inside

Since its production cycle is scheduled to start before the Neue Klasse launch, its design leans more towards the current BMW design language rather than the next. The large curved display, a feature now common in other BMW models, will be powered by iDrive 8.5 in the G45. The traditional gear shift knob has been replaced by a toggle switch, a design element shared with other models. Fortunately, unlike the X1 and X2 which have eliminated the feature, the iDrive rotary dial remains. Next, the BMW X3 G45 will feature the same steering wheel as the 5 Series and i5 models, characterized by its flat-bottom design. The rest of the interior, still largely concealed by camouflage, is not expected to undergo any major updates compared to the current models. You can see the spy photos here since we don’t own them.

According to rumors, BMW plans an unusually long production cycle for the G45, potentially lasting at least 10 years. This extended period will provide an opportunity, in a few years, to align its design more closely with the Neue Klasse models, both internally and externally. So we expect a “phygital design” in the future to align the G45 X3 with the iX3, while inside, a new digital screen will replace the curved one.

BMW X3 M50i – Top Model

When it comes to engines, rumors point to the following models: BMW X3 20i, X3 30i, X3 40d, X3 M50i. Of course, each one of these variants will be offered with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. BMW is not investing in new engines, so we expect to see the same lineup of powertrains as today. Of course, small technical updates are still possible for these engines, like the addition of mild-hybrids. The plug-in hybrid lineup will not be ignored, so we expect to see at least one PHEV variant – a BMW X3 30e. Initially it was believed that the new G45 X3 will drop the “i” or “d” from their designation, but that might not hold true for this particular model.

We will see the upcoming G45 BMW X3 this summer followed by first press drives in the fall. Production is also scheduled to begin this August in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There is no CLAR-based BMW X4 planned, but we will get an all-electric iX4 (Neue Klasse).