Finding a better-looking BMW than the E9 is no easy feat since the 6 Series’ precursor remains drop-dead gorgeous nearly half a century since production ended. However, this isn’t a regular coupe since the 1970 2800 CS has gone through substantial changes over the years. The ALPINA-styled wheels and beefier Wilwood brakes are subtle hints the car is rather special.

The juiciest secret hides underneath the imposingly long hood where the S38 calls home. Yes, this car has been fitted with the E34 M5’s engine. Legend has it the car was owned at some point in the 1990s by a Swedish BMW executive and he obtained a then-new inline-six engine that was being put inside the sports sedan.

Specifically, it’s the S38B36 version that made 311 horsepower and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-meters) of torque back in the day. The engine transplant for this stunning E9 came along with a reinforced five-speed manual gearbox that was able to cope with the extra muscle of the six-cylinder unit. It looks as if the engine was there in the first place, clearly indicating the work was done by professionals.

The people who did the swap moved the battery in the trunk to make room for the 3.5-liter engine. Another notable modification was the adoption of an electric fuel pump. For a car built 54 years ago, it looks in mint condition, having been fully restored inside and out as well as underneath. It’s also been mechanically refreshed after sitting in a collection for an extended period.

While a little over 300 hp might not sound like much by 2024 standards, let’s keep in mind that BMWs (and basically all cars) were considerably lighter in the 1970s. A stock 2800 CS weighed about 3,131 pounds (1,420 kilograms) whereas the 1990s M5 E34 from where the engine came from was roughly 500 lbs (227 kg) heavier.

If this doesn’t get close to a perfect classic BMW, we honestly don’t know what will.

Source: M3nameisjosh / YouTube