Santa Claus is a busy man. He has to deliver gifts to millions of children around the world in one night, and he needs a reliable and fast vehicle to do it. Sure, he has his trusty sleigh and reindeer, but what if he wants to upgrade his ride and go for something more modern and stylish? Well, we have the perfect suggestion for him: a BMW.

But not just any BMW. Santa needs a special BMW that can handle his demanding job and suit his personality. Here are some features that we think would make the perfect BMW for Santa Claus:

A spacious trunk

Santa has a lot of gifts to carry, and he needs a trunk that can fit them all. A BMW with a large trunk, such as the 5 Series Touring or the X5, would be ideal for him. He could also use the 40/20/40 split folding rear seats to create more space if needed. Of course, there is always the option of an XM which will fit his baller status.

A powerful engine

Santa has to travel fast, and he needs a BMW that can keep up with him. A BMW with a powerful engine, such as the M5 or the M8, would be perfect for him. He could also use the xDrive all-wheel drive system to handle any road conditions, whether it’s snow, ice, or rain. But since Santa can be fun, he can also go for an M2 with rear wheel drive and some snow tires. Now we’re talking!

A festive color

Santa loves red, and he needs a BMW that matches his outfit. A BMW with a festive color, such as Melbourne Red Metallic or Sunset Orange Metallic, would be great for him. He could also add some custom decals or stickers to make his BMW more festive and recognizable. Even BMW had a similar idea when he gave Santa a wrapped up 2024 BMW M5 Touring.

A comfortable interior

Santa works hard, and he needs a BMW that can make him feel comfortable and relaxed. A BMW with a comfortable interior, such as the 7 Series or the iX, would be wonderful for him. He could also use the heated seats, the ambient lighting, and the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system to create a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere.

A smart assistant

Santa has a lot of things to remember, and he needs a BMW that can help him out. A BMW with a smart assistant, such as the Intelligent Personal Assistant would be amazing for him. He could use voice commands to control various functions of his BMW, such as navigation, entertainment, or climate. He could also ask his smart assistant for information, such as traffic updates, weather forecasts, or gift suggestions.

These are some of the features that we think would make the perfect BMW for Santa Claus. Of course, Santa can customize his BMW however he likes, and choose from a wide range of models and options. But whatever he chooses, we are sure that he will love his new BMW and enjoy his job even more.

What do you think? Do you agree with our suggestions? What other features would you add to make the perfect BMW for Santa Claus? Let us know in the comments below!