The largest engine ever put by BMW in an M3 was a 4.4-liter V8 codenamed “S65” for the E92 generation in the rare M3 GTS flavor. This modified sports coupe goes a step further by adopting the bigger S85. Yes, it’s the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V10 found in a handful of M cars, including the M5 E60. Not content with the stock output of 500 horsepower, the aftermarket shop took the ten-cylinder mill to a whopping 570 hp without resorting to forced induction.

It gets better as the modified engine now screams up to 8,700 rpm and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. This V10 breaths better through a custom Akrapovič exhaust system and sounds nothing short of amazing. You wouldn’t necessarily tell this is a special M3, unless you look at the back where there’s a massive wing.


The other exterior modifications are subtle, including BBS FS wheels combined with stock brakes. Open the doors and you’ll know this M3 E92 means business since it has Recaro front bucket seats while the rear bench has been deleted to shave off weight. In addition, it boasts a CAE shifter for the M3 E92’s six-speed manual.

Then there are the changes you can’t see, such as a carbon driveshaft from an M3 F80, a lightweight flywheel, and a KW V3 Clubsport coilover suspension. Of course, the real highlight is jamming a V10 in an engine bay that wasn’t designed to accommodate such a large engine. It has a higher compression to produce an extra 70 hp over the standard output, all of which is routed to the rear axle to create a tail-happy M car.

Weight distribution is not the same anymore but the car doesn’t feel nose-heavy even after putting a V10 under the hood. The extra weight commanded by the engine swap is negligible, estimated at 30 to 40 kilograms (66 to 88 pounds). The weight penalty would’ve been higher if not for the BBS wheels and removing the rear seats.

BMW sadly never offered this package and never will but if your pockets are big enough, tuners will happily oblige.

Source: Evolve Automotive / YouTube