In the heart of Silicon Valley, the BMW Group Technology Office USA is marking a significant milestone – 25 years of innovations and technological exploration. To commemorate this achievement, the office hosted an event offering attendees exclusive technology demonstrations, mixed reality, multi-sensory driving experiences, and much more. While at the event, we made the decision to capture as much footage as we could, aiming to provide you with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and delve into the intricacies of these unique technologies.

Exploring the Evolution of AR/VR

The AR/VR workshop showcased a fascinating journey through the past and present of BMW’s ventures into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Engineers and designers from BMW guided participants through the evolution of these technologies, showcasing early product prototypes and offering hands-on demonstrations. We also had a chance to see a one-off Formula 1 Helmet used by Ralf Schumacher with an interesting story behind it.

Next-Generation In-Vehicle Voice Assistant Technology

A highlight of the event is the preview of BMW Group’s next-generation in-vehicle voice assistant technology, known as the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA). Attendees got a glimpse of the future of voice-controlled interactions within BMW vehicles, showcasing the latest advancements in natural language processing and in-car connectivity. We also had a chance to see the integration between the Amazon Alexa and BMW’s Operating System 9.

Intelligent Dynamic Scent Journey: A Multisensory Experience

One of the most anticipated segments of the event is the Intelligent Dynamic Scent Journey. This is a multisensory experience, showcasing a project developed at the BMW Group Technology Office USA that had previously gone unreleased. We had the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic scent journey shaped by the context of the drive and the world around them, providing a truly immersive and unique experience within a new BMW 7 Series.

BMW Light Technology

One of the most interesting workshops was one focusing on a project called the BMW Light Technology. Engineers showcased the use of light to display certain information and graphics inside the car, exploring different use cases on UI/UX driven by light projections. We also had a chance to see a cutting-edge physical button which can perform multiple contextual functions.