The BMW F82 M4 is already on its way of becoming a classic. The beautiful coupe delivers plenty of power, precision, and performance straight from the factory, but when enthusiasts get their hands on it, magic happens. One such masterpiece that exemplifies automotive excellence is the BMW M4 equipped with HRE 528 wheels in Satin Silver with a Polished Clear FMR-X finish. This stunning machine doesn’t just stop at the wheels; it boasts an array of performance and aesthetic upgrades, making it a standout in the realm of high-performance vehicles, especially in Indonesia.

HRE 528 Wheels in Satin Silver


The choice of wheels can significantly impact a car’s overall aesthetic and performance. In this case, the BMW M4 is equipped with HRE 528 wheels, known for their lightweight construction and stunning design. The Satin Silver finish with Polished Clear FMR-X not only enhances the car’s appearance but also provides a touch of sophistication. These wheels don’t just complement the M4’s aggressive stance; they elevate it to a new level of refinement.

Recaro Bucket Seats and GruppeM Air Intake


Stepping into the BMW M4 reveals a carefully curated interior featuring Recaro bucket seats. These seats are not only visually striking but also provide unparalleled support, ensuring the driver stays firmly planted during spirited driving. The Recaro brand is synonymous with racing heritage and ergonomic design, making them a perfect fit for the M4’s performance-oriented ethos.

Under the hood, the GruppeM air intake takes center stage. This high-performance air intake system optimizes airflow to the engine, unlocking additional horsepower and torque. The distinctive induction sound produced by the GruppeM air intake adds an auditory dimension to the driving experience, signaling the M4’s enhanced performance capabilities.

///M Owners Club Indonesia Carbon Fiber Trim


Inside the cabin, the BMW M4 features the exclusive 1 of 12 ///M Owners Club Indonesia carbon fiber trim. This limited-edition interior detailing showcases a commitment to craftsmanship and exclusivity, making each drive a unique experience. The carbon fiber trim not only adds a touch of motorsport-inspired flair but also reduces weight, contributing to the car’s overall performance.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip and Air Curtains

Moving to the exterior, the M4 is enhanced with a carbon fiber front lip and air curtains. These aerodynamic elements not only augment the car’s visual appeal but also improve high-speed stability and downforce. The carbon fiber construction ensures a perfect balance between strength and weight, aligning with the M4’s functional design philosophy.

Akrapovic Exhaust, KW Suspension, M Performance Parts, Brembo Brakes


The BMW M4’s performance is further elevated with a suite of aftermarket upgrades. The Akrapovic exhaust system not only enhances the car’s soundtrack but also improves exhaust flow, optimizing power delivery. The KW suspension provides precise handling and responsiveness, ensuring the M4 remains composed in any driving scenario. M Performance Parts, including carbon fiber accents and aerodynamic enhancements, add the finishing touches to the exterior, creating a cohesive and visually striking appearance. Brembo brakes, known for their stopping power and fade resistance, ensure the M4 can harness its impressive performance capabilities safely.

This BMW M4 F82 certainly stands out. From the carefully selected Recaro bucket seats to the exclusive carbon fiber trim and BMW Individual Speed Yellow color, every detail contributes to a harmonious blend of style and performance.