A few weeks ago, I shared that I’ve made the decision to part ways with my BMW i3. Having owned four of these vehicles since 2014, each in different colors but with similar specifications, my love for the car remains strong. However, from a financial standpoint, it no longer made sense. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant drop in prices for used cars, especially impacting electric vehicles. With the automotive market returning to pre-pandemic levels in terms of inventory, new and used cars now come with enhanced incentives for buyers.

Why The BMW i4?

In light of these changes, I opted to switch from the i3 to the newer i4 model. The payoff balance on my i3 lease would have left me in a financially unfavorable position, with the car’s value depreciating, particularly given its status as an older model with outdated electric vehicle technology. Of course, the BMW i4 is a lot more expensive when it comes to the monthly lease payment, considering it’s still priced similarly to the i3. But inflation and all took a toll on the lease rates.

Before parting ways with my i3 at the dealership, I took the opportunity to create a comprehensive, long-term owner review. In this video, I delved into various aspects of the car, discussing its significance for the brand, my enduring appreciation for it, the driving experience, charging infrastructure, daily practicality as a family car, and more. I’m also teasing my BMW i4 which by now many of you might have seen it on social media: it’s an i4 eDrive40 painted in San Remo Green Metallic – love the color – but with a twist. Instead of the typical cognac, brown, tan, black interior, I took a different route: Tacora Red.

Of course, because of that combination, it also gets a special project name: The Watermelon i4. Or since Christmas is nearly upon us, The Christmas Tree i4. But more on that in a separate video where I unveil the car and talk about its specs and choices I made. For now, let’s take a look at this BMW i3 Range Extender farewell video: