With the launch of the Urus in 2017, Lamborghini provided a belated answer to the likes of the BMW X6 M and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The Italian exotic marque is preparing to add another SUV to its lineup, one that won’t have an internal combustion engine. Unveiled earlier this year, Lanzador takes the shape of a high-riding concept with a 2+2 layout scheduled to come out in 2028. In the meantime, the Raging Bull is benchmarking other electric SUVs.

A new spy video shot right in front of the gates at the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese shows a colorful collection of Huracan and Revuelto supercars joined by a couple of non-Lamborghini products. There’s a Tesla Model X Plaid two and a half minutes into the video before a BMW iX appears at the 5:45 mark. It’s not just any version of the Bavarian electric SUV as we’re looking at the sporty M60.

While the Lanzador will be Lamborghini’s first-ever production EV, the second-generation Urus coming a year after, in 2029, is also going to eschew the ICE. It means that by the end of the decade, there will be two zero-emission SUVs in the company’s lineup. It only makes sense to test what the competition is already offering before coming out with something better to earn that Lamborghini badge and the premium that comes with that.

The production-ready Lanzador is expected to be pricier than the BMW iX M60, and we reckon the Urus EV is also going to be costlier than the electric M Performance SUV. Of course, Lamborghini’s competition is not wasting any time either since the Bavarian marque is preparing a facelift for the iX due in early 2025. By the time the Lanzador and Urus hit the market, BMW will have long been working on an iX replacement, possibly on the Neue Klasse platform.

Source: Varryx / YouTube