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BMW iX Drag Races Itself In xDrive50 Vs M60 Duel

Although the BMW iX isn’t necessarily about straight-line acceleration, it’s interesting to see the level of performance you’re getting by spending extra on the M60. German YouTube channel B&K lined up the electric M Performance…

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BMW iX M60 Drag Races Audi RS E-Tron GT In Electric Duel

The BMW iX M60 and Audi RS E-Tron GT are both performance-oriented electric vehicles and yet they’re substantially different. The former is a large and heavy SUV while the latter is a low-slung sedan that…

BMW Dealer Shows You Around The 2023 iX M60

bmw ix m60 24 830x553

Charging Times for the BMW iX xDrive40, xDrive50 and M60

Despite electric cars becoming more and more common, range anxiety is still an issue among potential customers. Even though most EVs have ranges far beyond what anyone will use on a regular basis, customers are…