The highly limited BMW 3.0 CSL is heading to the auction house. So naturally, if you missed the opportunity to snag one of the coveted 50 units and are determined to call one your own, you’ll need to delve deep into your wallet. According to RM Sotheby’s, the No. 44 BMW 3.0 CSL is expected to fetch between 800,000 and 1.2 million euros. The car was initially sold by BMW to the owner of BMW Bayern Avenue dealership in Cannes, France.

Initial Price was 750,000 euros

The distribution of the 50 units of the BMW 3.0 CSL is not public knowledge yet, but according to our sources, 31 units were reserved for the European market. Most of them were allocated to German customers, four them have allegedly went to the UK, and others to Spain, Austria, France and even Croatia. Officially, the car was not to be sold in the United States, but two lucky owners managed to import the 3.0 CSL as a show and display car. Racing driver Samantha Tan is one of them.

Of course, critics have wasted no time in lambasting BMW’s launch of the 3.0 CSL, dismissing it as a mere reincarnation of the M4 CSL with a manual transmission and a modest 10-horsepower boost. Nevertheless, this critique oversimplifies the special car, as the level of effort and dedication poured into this new 3.0 CSL surpasses anything seen in previous models.

Custom-Built in Moosthenning

The final assembly of the 2023 3.0 CSL takes place in Moosthenning, in the immediate vicinity of the M4 GT4 racecar. Modifying the M4 chassis from Dingolfing underneath take 16 hours, painstaking work performed by 30 artisans. These experts specialize in the unique carbon components that set the 3.0 CSL apart from a traditional G82 M4.

BMW’s quest for the perfect paint finish demands as many as eight layers, meticulously applied to achieve that cool color scheme. The real challenge lies in the intricate striping; replicating the iconic blue, dark blue, and red hues demands painstaking precision. Each component must be carefully polished in between the painting stages. In total, 134 steps are required to apply paint correctly to the 3.0 CSL. All in all, the 3.0 CSL production process relies on over 100 employees to get it right.

Underneath the retro-flavored skin is an M4 CSL that has had its inline-six engine massaged to deliver 553 hp or an extra 10 hp compared to the donor car. In addition, BMW has removed the eight-speed automatic transmission to make room for a six-speed manual. Adding the clutch pedal forced the engineers to limit torque to 550 Nm (404 lb-ft) to ensure the gearbox’s reliability, a full 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) less compared to the M4 CSL.

If you’re eager to place a bid or simply curious about the final selling prices, be sure to visit Motorworld Munich on November 25th. On both Friday (November 24th) and Saturday, a viewing opportunity will be available, beginning at 10 a.m., allowing enthusiasts and prospective buyers, regardless of their budget, to inspect the auctioned vehicles.

[Via Bimmertoday]