The BMW X2 is all-new for the next model year and gets a serious cosmetic upgrade. Gone are the uncertain proportions, replaced by a sporty, confident, aesthetic. It’s impossible to look at the new BMW X2 and not see a passing resemblance to its big brother, the BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe. How does the little guy stack up when you put the two SUVs side by side?  

Front and Rear of the New BMW X2 vs. the BMW X4

Both the new BMW X2 and BMW X4 boast a clean front end design with three prominent air inlets. But, the X2 is decidedly more straightforward, giving it a more focused look. A new grille with horizontal slats and an updated lighting signature additionally set the X2 apart. The X4 M40i is even more similar to the BMW X2, thanks to L-shaped air intakes and Shadowline-trimmed wing mirrors.

In the back, the X2’s taillights are definitely unique, but the long and narrow design is a bit derivative of the X4’s. Exhaust tips are gone unless you buy the X2 M35i xDrive, whereas all X4 models get dual tips. The lower rear apron is prominent on both, though it extends further toward the beltline on the new X2. Speaking of beltlines, the X4 has a taller rear end than the X2. But it also gets a neat roof spoiler that’s absent from the X2. The X2 M35i xDrive gets a Gurney-style spoiler that clearly denotes it as the sportiest option.

Side Profile of the New X2 vs. the BMW X4

The new X2 takes giant leaps forward in this department – whether you compare it to the old X2 or the current BMW X4. Integrated door handles sit flush with the side just under the belt line. The X2 has a bit more pronounced fender flares and a thicker and more angular Hofmeister kink. It doesn’t get an Air Breather like the X4, nor does it have the upswept body line that connects the wheel arches to the side skirt.

It’s impossible not to mention the more aggressive slope the X2 gets for the new model. It really does resemble a “baby X4,” and if you focus on the roofline, the two are nearly indistinguishable. Larger-diameter wheels and an overall increase in vehicle dimensions make it even tougher to tell the two apart.

Interior of the New BMW X2 vs. BMW X4

Sadly, the X4 is stuck with old iDrive, an old layout, and a rapidly aging gauge cluster. It can’t hold a candle to the streamlined and simplified layout of the new BMW X2, complete with a curved display and the newest iDrive software. The unfortunate truth is the original Live Cockpit display is aging poorly. It’s caught between the old-school cool of analog gauges and the rapid march forward of technology and offers none of the desirability of either. The overall less-cluttered cabin in the X2 lends itself to a more utilitarian feel. Even if we will miss some of the buttons.


The current generation of the BMW X4 has been bopping around since 2019. When you’re driving it, you don’t really feel the age. But side-by-side with the X2 – a vehicle that is nearly 30% less expensive – it starts to show its age. It’s minor details that separate the two. But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, the new BMW X2 shines – whether or not it’s parked in the shadow of its bigger brother.