BMW held a media event in Lisbon, Portugal where it brought the new 5 Series in the fully electric i5 guise. One of the vehicles the press was given the opportunity to test was this eDrive40 painted in Tanzanite Blue Metallic and equipped with the M Sport Package. An extended photo gallery has now been released to put the spotlight on Bavaria’s rival for the Mercedes EQE.

While its adversary carrying the three-pointed star rides on a dedicated electric car platform, BMW is doing things differently with the i5. The zero-emission 5 Series uses the same CLAR bones as the gasoline/diesel/plug-in hybrid derivatives, hence why it looks virtually the same inside and out. The EQE has a bespoke design that sets it apart from the conventionally powered E-Class. In 2024, the Audi A6 E-Tron will hit the market on an EV-only platform, which will separate it from the ICE-powered A6.

It won’t be until 2025 when BMW is going to roll out an architecture developed from day one exclusively for electric vehicles by introducing the Neue Klasse with a sedan and an SUV in the 3 Series segment. It won’t spell the end for CLAR-based EVs as these are going to stick around and could be joined by iX5 and iX6 SUVs using CLAR rather than Neue Klasse.

BMW has been quite vocal about not rushing the death of the combustion engine, deciding instead to promote the “Power of Choice” slogan by offering its cars will all types of drivetrains. The new 5 Series (G60) fits the bill, and enthusiasts can rest assured the V8 is sticking around. However, a new M550i is not on the horizon, so only the M5 coming in 2024 is going to have eight cylinders.

For the time being, BMW is selling the 5er strictly as a sedan. However, the new Touring (G61) will be out in early 2024 when an i5 Touring is programmed to arrive as well. Later that year, the hotly anticipated M5 wagon (G99) will fight the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate.

Source: BMW