The first electric vehicles built on the Neue Klasse platform are not scheduled to come out until 2025 but our sources close to the German luxury brand have shared preliminary details about the internal codenames these future products will have. Not all of them are going to be BMWs as early signs are pointing toward MINI models also switching to the dedicated electric car platform.

NAx / NBx

Without further ado, “NAx” will be used for rear-wheel-drive-based models such as the i3, i4, iX3, and iX4 models while “NBx” is going to underpin lesser models with front-wheel drive: i1, i2, iX1. We’ve been told “NDx” will serve as the backbone for higher-end vehicles like the i7, iX7, and an 8 Series (i8?) of some kind. When it comes to performance cars, BMW will use “ZAx” for M models.

NEx for Future MINIs

Neue Klasse-based MINIs will be known internally by their “NEx” codenames. It’s too early to know whether ALPINA is going to use this platform but logic tells us it’s likely a matter of when rather than if.

ZAx for M Cars

In the initial phase, BMW intends to roll out six EVs between 2025 and 2028. We already know the identities of three models: sedan (previewed by the Vision Neue Klasse and codenamed “NA0”), SUV (teased with a camouflaged prototype and codenamed “NA5”), and the recently confirmed electric M3 (“ZA0”). As previously reported, other models should include an M3 Touring (“ZA1”), an iX3 M (“ZA5”), and an iX4 M (“ZA7”).

It is believed front-wheel-drive-based models will arrive at a later date, likely near the end of the decade. That i1 could be a compact hatchback with the “NB0” codename while the i2 might take the shape of an electric 2 Series Gran Coupe known internally as the “NB8.” A next-generation iX1 on the Neue Klasse is rumored to get the “NB5” codename.

At the other end of the lineup, the current 8 Series is expected to bow out around the middle of the decade and return closer to 2030 strictly as a Gran Coupe without coupe and convertible body styles. However, not all new BMWs coming from 2025 will be underpinned by this platform since we’re hearing there will be iX5 and iX6 models on the CLAR architecture.