A front-wheel-drive vehicle with a high center of gravity isn’t going to excel in tests that involve performing evasive maneuvers. The Spanish journalists at km77 wanted to find out how the new BMW X2 behaves in the challenging moose and slalom tests. This crossover-coupe mashup is a lesser specification since we’re dealing with the sDrive18d version.

Painted in Brooklyn Grey and equipped with the M Sport Package, this diesel X2 had 20-inch wheels with 245/40 R20 Pirelli P Zero tires. You can even go a size higher by stepping up to the M35i version. This relatively lowly X2 with an oil-burner has 150 horsepower on tap, roughly half of what the M Performance model offers.

The first order of business was to subject the X2 sDrive18d to the slalom test, which took 25.5 seconds to complete. Predictably, that’s precisely the time needed by the equivalent X1 sDrive18d previously evaluated by km77. Coincidentally, the Nissan X-Trail and Ariya had the exact same time. The fully electric iX1 fared better, at 23.9 seconds. The leader in this test is a Porsche Taycan GTS that did it in only 21.5 seconds.

In the subsequent moose test, the highest entrance speed without taking down any cones was 45 mph (73 km/h). The swoopy compact crossover was doing 38.5 mph (62 km/h) in the middle of the test and had an exit speed of 27.9 mph (45 km/h). According to the test driver from km77, the BMW X2 felt predictable while navigating through the cones.

It reacted smoothly to the driver’s inputs while the stability control system’s intervention seemed less obvious compared to the X1. The driver repeated the test at higher entrance speeds but not without taking down a blue cone. The sleeker derivative didn’t excel in the moose test but it didn’t disappoint either. It’s fair to say it had an average performance, which isn’t flattering for a BMW.

Source: km77.com / YouTube