BMW M boss Frank van Meel stated earlier today that 2023 will be the most successful year in the 51 years history of the sportscar division. The M chief is projecting over 200,000 units sold in 2023. Of course, the sales number includes both full M cars (M2, M3, M4 etc.) and M-lite cars (M240, M340i, i4 M50 etc.). In comparison, the M brand sold 177,300 cars in 2022. Naturally, the combustion M cars are still making up a majority of the overall sales. But a sales projection chart shows that by 2027, the M division expects nearly a 50-50 distribution between combustion M cars, and plug-in hybrids and battery electric models. By 2030, the electric M cars will account for a majority of the overall sales.

2028 will tilt the balance

Fascinating fact: The BMW i4 M50 has become the best-selling M car globally. Numerous reports from customers in the United States have detailed significant waiting periods spanning months before they can finally take delivery of their coveted vehicle. 2024 could be even more exciting for the M brand. The motorsport division plans to launch their second-generation BMW M4 CS (G82), along with a refresh of the M3 and M4. The BMW M5 sedan (G90) and M5 Touring (G99) will also launch in 2024, with both models coming to the United States as well.

New and Refreshed M Cars Coming in 2024

The new BMW i5 M60 and i7 M70 should also contribute to the overall sales in 2024. We also expect a supped up version of the BMW X2 (M35i), along with a new BMW M135 hatchback which could also arrive next year. So while 2023 is setting a new record in sales, we could get a new record next year. Of course, BMW is not resting on their laurels. The Neue Klasse generation of M cars is already in works.

In 2025, we will get the first ever electric “full” M car – the BMW iX3M. The electric crossover – codename ZA5 – will use the dedicated EV architecture from Neue Klasse. So we will see new battery and drivetrain technologies (GEN6) which will deliver more range and faster charging times. BMW claims a 20% increase in density and a 30% increase in range. GEN6 batteries take advantage of cylindrical cells – you may know them from Tesla, Lucid, and Rivian fame.