The upcoming 2025 BMW M2 CS has been spotted testing once again in Germany, and it’s clear that BMW is serious about making this the most powerful and capable M2 yet. Sources suggest that the G87 M2 CS will be powered by a tuned version of the S58 engine, producing around 518 horsepower. This is a significant increase over the standard M2’s 453 horsepower. Power will be sent to the rear wheels through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

A Ducktail and Plenty of Carbon Fiber

Visually, the M2 CS features a number of upgrades over the standard M2, including:

  • A more aggressive front splitter
  • New alloy wheels
  • A ducktail spoiler
  • It is also expected to receive a unique paint treatment.

We anticipate the G87 M2 CS might introduce some exciting features, such as updated taillights. However, currently, these appear to be identical to those found on the standard M2. Additionally, there’s optimism about the possibility of incorporating the distinctive yellow headlights seen in recent CS models. Without a doubt, these yellow headlights offer superior aesthetics, making them a compelling choice for the M2 CS as well.

It’s probable that the G87 M2 CS will exclusively feature carbon bucket seats. Regarding the braking system, the default choice will be the M Sport Brakes, with the possibility of offering carbon ceramics as an upgrade. As part of the M2 CS package, a carbon fiber roof is expected. As for the interior, we anticipate limited trim options, as BMW tends to maintain a minimalist approach for their CS models.

With its increased horsepower and more aggressive styling, the 2025 BMW M2 CS will certainly be a thrill to drive. It is expected to be one of the fastest BMWs ever produced, with a 0-60 mph time in the 3 seconds range. The M2 CS is also expected to be a very capable handler, thanks to its upgraded suspension and brakes. It is sure to be a favorite among track enthusiasts and performance car collectors alike.

A Special Color for the M2 CS

Following the customary practice of incorporating distinct features into their CS models, the forthcoming 2025 BMW M2 is set to a special color. According to sources, it is highly likely that the G87 M2 CS will proudly sport an iconic M exterior color. Unfortunately, it won’t be the Dakar Yellow, Techno Violet or Laguna Seca Blue. Moreover, enthusiasts can anticipate the inclusion of familiar favorites like Black Sapphire, Alpine White, and Brooklyn Grey among the available color options.

Though precise pricing information is yet to be disclosed, a reasonable expectation is that the upcoming 2025 BMW M2 CS variant will probably be situated in the price bracket spanning from $90,000 to $100,000. This estimate is founded on the pricing history established by the prior F87 M2 CS, which carried a cost of $85,000.