The second-generation M2 sure knows how to make a grand entrance as BMW had some streets of Sao Paulo all to itself to shoot an ad for the G87. Featuring a Toronto Red paint job and the Steptronic transmission, the new rear-wheel-drive sports coupe stars in a promo video shot in 8K resolution. It performs drifts and burnouts without having to worry about running into traffic. It even hits speeds approaching 100 mph while driving through an empty tunnel.

It goes without saying that BMW received the necessary authorization to turn the streets of Sao Paulo into a massive playground. We’re being told the closed areas were booked at a specific time of the day so “as not to disturb the city’s mobility.” Full details about the Brazilian version of the M2 will be announced soon but we already know the six-speed manual gearbox won’t be offered in the largest country in South America.

While in some markets BMW lets you choose between the 6MT and the eight-speed Steptronic, the M2 about to go on sale in Brazil will exclusively come with just two pedals. It’s the same story with the M3 from where the new baby M has inherited the S58 engine, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. The super sedan is available locally exclusively as a Competition model, so you can’t row your own gears as only the base model sold in other markets gets the stick shift.

Brazil is an important country for the BMW Group considering the X1, 3 Series, X3, and X4 are assembled at the Araquari Plant located in Santa Catarina. In addition, a global engineering center is also located in Brazil. As it’s the case with the rest of the world, the new M2 will be shipped from Mexico where BMW builds the G87 at its San Luis Potosi Plant for all markets.

Source: BMW Brazil