It’s all about the Vision Neue Klasse and the new 5 Series G60 at BMW’s stand at the 2023 IAA Munich but there are quite a few other cars worth checking out at a third party. It was only a couple of days ago when we dissected an M3 Touring with a Verde Scandal interior and now it’s time to see yet another eye-catching build based on the G81.

It represents the work of Zettl i-tec and Hubauer, the same two German companies that fully customized that other super wagon with a Lamborghini color. The former specializes in bespoke car interiors while the latter sells OEM BMW and MINI parts. This long-roof M3 certainly draws a crowd at the show with its Individual paint and one of the wildest colors we’ve ever seen inside a BMW.

Commissioned by the tuners at JP Performance, the M3 wagon combines a Mint Green exterior with a purple cabin. Just about every surface on the inside is covered in either leather or Alcantara finished in purple, even the steering column. In addition, the carbon fiber coating has been color-coordinated to match the rest of the eccentric interior. And yes, even the cargo compartment is purple.

It’s a daring spec, no doubt about it, one you’d expect to see on a Rolls-Royce commissioned by a customer looking for something totally different. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we’re not here to judge people’s tastes. After all, the owner can do whatever they want to their car. We can say with certainty this type of build is an attention grabber and a good way to show off the numerous customization options the aftermarket scene offers.

BMW itself offers some bonkers colors, albeit their interiors are not as unconventional as this.

Source: BimmerToday