In Munich, there’s a buzz going around about the potential production of the BMW Z4 Touring Coupe. Building on the inspiration from the Concept Touring Coupe unveiled earlier this year, the BMW Z4 Touring Coupe is slated to be an extremely exclusive model, commanding an astonishing price tag of approximately 300,000 euros. 50 units are rumored for German customers, but unknown whether other markets will get a shot at this special edition model.

One of the most beautiful BMW concepts

Certainly, the news hardly comes as a shock. During this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza, it was evident that the design team was making a determined effort to bring the Concept Touring Coupe to life in a production version. Surprisingly, the designers openly shared various details about the car, such as the projected production volume and pricing. It was evident that the groundwork for this endeavor was actively taking shape on the shores of Lake Como.

BMW Z4 Touring Coupe is a new Clown Shoe

The concept car closely resembled a production-ready model, suggesting that the upcoming BMW Z4 Touring Coupe in the production series may not differ significantly. Ultimately, the rumored price will need to be justified by the quality and distinctiveness of the design. And compared to recent BMW designs, the Touring Coupe is a beautiful interpretation of the iconic Clown Shoe. The car is based on the BMW Z4, just with a shooting brake body style. In many ways, it’s very similar to the idea of the original Z3 M Coupe but it’s also fundamentally different.

Both cars share similar proportions, characterized by long hoods, well-balanced dash-to-axle ratios, short rear decks, a rear axle situated just behind the driver’s seat, a steeply inclined windshield, and a compact trunk. However, in terms of styling, they exhibit striking differences. The Z3 M Coupe boasts a curvaceous design with rounded contours and a playful rear end. As an M car, it showcases muscular and flared front fenders.

In contrast, the Z4 Coupe takes on a more angular and aggressive appearance, foregoing the muscular fenders typical of M cars. Notably, it incorporates a Hofmeister Kink, a design feature absent in the original. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that the new car’s aesthetics are widely considered superior to the older model. We expect the BMW Z4 Touring Coupe to be an exceptionally luxurious vehicle, featuring meticulously crafted leather appointments, all intended to captivate affluent individuals.

B58 engine instead of the M’s S58

In May, Adrian Van Hooydonk, the Head of Design at BMW Group, mentioned that the Z4 isn’t compatible with the M3’s S58 engine. Consequently, it appears that the sole and definitive option is the 3.0-liter six-cylinder B58 engine. The rumor also highlights the possibility of a six-speed manual transmission being paired with this engine. Now it remains to be seen whether the exclusivity of the BMW Z4 Touring Coupe will warrant the 300,000 euros price tag, even though BMW had no problems selling the M4 CSL-based 3.0 CSL at a staggering price of $750,000.