BMW never revealed the exact price tag of the 3.0 CSL but it did say the only example earmarked for Spain was sold through an auction at a starting bid of €800,000. Many would argue that a hand-painted and rebodied M4 CSL with a bit more power and a manual gearbox shouldn’t cost as much and yet all 50 cars planned for production have long been sold. A new video puts the spotlight on the sole car sold through a Spanish dealer.

All of them look the same as BMW is making the reborn 3.0 CSL in a fixed configuration with a bespoke body meant to pay tribute to the namesake car sold during the E9 era. The modern-day Batmobile is by far Bavaria’s priciest new car ever, and unless a supercar is in the works, which seems unlikely, we can’t imagine a different type of model being more expensive.

The extended video is a good opportunity to see the changes a “mundane” M4 CSL has gone through to become the 3.0 CSL, which is also strictly a two-seater. Finished in Alpine White uni with an M livery, the ultra-exclusive coupe rides on centerlock wheels, which you can also have for the new M2 G87 as an M Performance Parts upgrade.

Cosmetic changes aside, you’re looking at the most powerful inline-six engine ever installed by BMW in a road car. We are specifically talking about horsepower (now at 560 hp or 10 hp over the M4 CSL) since torque had to be limited to 550 Nm (down by 100 Nm) after switching to a six-speed manual gearbox to ensure its durability. Built exclusively in left-hand drive, the 3.0 CSL is also RWD-only like the donor car from which it has inherited the previous-generation iDrive.

BMW is not done with special M4s since a CS version is scheduled to arrive at some point in 2024, essentially as a coupe version of the M3 CS but with restyled headlights. Rumor has it the xDrive-equipped M4 is getting a bit more power with next year’s LCI, so it’s safe to say the German luxury marque is still finding ways to spruce up the performance coupe.

Source: Dani Clos / YouTube