Automotive designer Grimaud Gervex unveils his visionary take on the iconic BMW M1 supercar. Gervex’s sketches introduce a bold and innovative electric supercar that pays homage to the original M1’s wedge-shaped design while infusing it with cutting-edge elements. This reimagined M1’s exotic lines, impressive aerodynamics, and sleek lighting, captivate the imagination and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in car design.

The Futuristic Hypercar

Sketches by Grimaud Gervex @z__gravity

Gervex’s reimagination of the BMW M1 is nothing short of breathtaking. The car’s silhouette retains the essence of the classic design that made the original M1 an icon, but it also embraces an entirely modern interpretation. The addition of massive aerodynamic elements and a rear diffuser contributes to the car’s aggressive and futuristic appeal, making it clear that this is no ordinary electric vehicle.

Front Fascia – A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

Sketches by Grimaud Gervex @z__gravity

At the front, this hypothetical BMW M1 electric supercar pays homage to its predecessor by incorporating the familiar slatted grille that now cleverly merges with the air intakes around the LED headlights. These two LED strips on the front not only serve as the car’s headlights but also lend it a unique and minimalist appearance. The iconic BMW logo, now a glowing emblem, adds an exquisite touch of luxury to the sleek design. The front is unmistakably inspired by the classic M1, yet it embraces a level of sophistication and modernity that sets it apart from its ancestor.

Sleek Rear Design – A Synergy Between Light and Form

Sketches by Grimaud Gervex @z__gravity

The most striking feature of the redesigned M1 is its rear design, which showcases a complete visual overhaul. A slim taillight runs along the edge of the rectangular rear-end, emphasizing its unique aesthetics. The absence of the traditional BMW logos above the taillights is replaced by the embossed initials “BMW” on a metallic plate, adding a sense of contemporary flair. These renders also show a form factor which is lighter and tighter than the original M1, characterized by razor-sharp edges and tight shutlines.

If we were to compare these renders with some more recent BMW. projects, then the now-canceled BMW M Vision NEXT concept comes to mind. The plug-in hybrid concept presented a stunning design exercise that held the potential to become a triumphant flagship sports car for BMW.

A BMW Hypercar Would Be a Dream Come True

While the actual realization of a concept like this in the BMW world may remain a distant dream, it undoubtedly serves as an inspiration and show would could be done. Grimaud Gervex’s sketch of a BMW electric supercar truly sets itself apart in the sea of digital renders, showcasing the unmistakable craftsmanship of a seasoned car designer.

[Sketches by Grimaud Gervex @z__gravity]