Does BMW Actually Need Another Supercar?

Just recently, we learned that the previously announced BMW Vision M NEXT supercar is now dead. Due to needing R&D money in other areas more, the M NEXT is just a casualty of the times….

BMW M CEO chimes in on the topic of a BMW supercar

What if MINI would make a mid-engine supercar?

Following in the steps of the recently unveiled mid-engine Corvette C8, a rendering artist has decided to create his own version of a MINI supercar. TheSketchMonkey just published his creation on Youtube walking us through…

BMW M8 Coupe vs Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 6 of 9 830x553

BMW M8 means no supercar according M Boss

For decades, BMW enthusiasts have been begging for a proper supercar something to take on the exotics from Italy and Britain. Despite their calls, though, BMW hasn’t answered. The Bavarians keep insisting that such a…

bmw m1 supercar 750x500

If BMW makes a supercar, should it be a hybrid?

Just recently, BMW development boss Klaus Frohlich spoke with Australian publication Motoring and spoke about his desire to develop a supercar. Just that notion alone is sure to excite a fanbase that’s been begging for…

BMW i8 Facelift 09 830x553

BMW Confirms Demand for Higher-Performance i8

Ever since the BMW i8 first came out a lot of people have wondered whether a different engine and more power wouldn’t have been a better choice. Understandably so, too, as the design of the…