In the world of classic cars, there are few gems as rare and captivating as the E28 BMW M5. And if rarity alone isn’t enough to pique your interest, how about owning a vehicle that once belonged to European royalty? Yes, you heard it right. The exceptional E28 M5 currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer allegedly boasts a unique history that adds an aura of nobility to its already prestigious reputation.

Malachite Green Metallic: The Exclusive Color Reserved for European Markets

Finished in the striking and rare Malachite Green Metallic, a color exclusive to the European market, this E28 BMW M5 commands attention from every angle. Paired with a sleek black leather interior featuring elegant wood trim, stepping inside this machine is like stepping into an era of timeless sophistication. Equipped with modern conveniences of its time, such as a sunroof, power windows, and a Blaupunkt sound system, this vintage beauty perfectly combines luxury with performance. But it’s under the hood where the magic truly lies. Powered by the potent S38B35 engine, this E28 M5 generates a breathtaking 286 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque, delivering a driving experience that some considered ahead of its time.

Although it has traveled 252,000 kilometers (156,000 miles), don’t let the mileage deter you. This cherished vehicle has been meticulously maintained, ensuring its mechanical excellence matches its impeccable exterior. The fact that it still runs like a dream despite its age and usage is a testament to its quality and durability.

Beyond its captivating appearance and impressive performance, this E28 M5 comes with a fascinating history that sets it apart from the rest. During his ownership, the King made a few personalized additions to the car, including extra antennas and a VHF scanner, giving it a distinct touch befitting its regal past.

A Rare Find: Among the Limited Production of E28 M5s

With only 2,241 E28 M5s ever produced, this vehicle represents a rare find in the automotive world. Among that exclusive group, it stands as one of the lucky few delivered to European royalty, elevating its desirability to new heights.

With the current high bid reaching $41,000 and the auction still open for several more days, there’s no doubt that this gem will fetch a considerable sum. Its blend of rarity, unique history, and remarkable condition make it an investment that is sure to appreciate over time.

[Top Image from BMW Group, not the actual car on sale]