The next-generation 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe was spotted in Munich and to everyone’s surprise, it brings more M design cues to the front-wheel drive model. This 2025 BMW M235 Gran Coupe will feature quad pipes, which until recently, were reserved for “full” M cars. This goes in line with the recently unveiled BMW X1 M35i which also comes with the iconic four pipes. To BMW aficionados, the news come as no surprise. During an interview at the launch of the new BMW 7 Series and i7 last year, Domagoj Dukec, BMW Head of Design, confirmed that the next generation of M Performance Automobiles will get quad pipes. We reported on this in 2021, but this was the first time that BMW officially acknowledges this major change in design. Until now, the quad-pipes were reserved exclusively to full-M cars, but M-lite models are now getting a variation of those exhaust pipes.

Still a front-wheel drive

The upcoming 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (codename F74) is set to be constructed on an evolved version of the UKL2/FAAR platform. This will maintain its front-wheel-drive configuration with transverse engines. Although a full-fledged M variant is improbable due to its front-wheel-drive setup, the M Performance models will continue to get M design details. Like the aforementioned quad pipes. Overall, the shape and size of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe won’t change. The rear-end is a combination of a hatchback and a four-door coupe.

No All-Electric Variant

Anticipated for its debut in the US market, the 2025 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is set to introduce two introductory models: the 228 xDrive and the M235 xDrive. The M235i variant will be equipped with an updated version of the B48 engine, boasting an impressive 312 horsepower, akin to the X1 M35i. The compact sedan will be offered exclusively with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. For enthusiasts seeking more control, the range-topping M235i will feature paddle shifters, allowing for manual gear changes.

These spy photos reveal a front-end similar to the upcoming 1 Series with a small kidney grille by today’s standards and sleek headlights. The rear-end showcases a trunk lid, likely specific to the M235 model. Which the M235 and not the usual M235i? For one reason only: BMW is dropping the “i” name from their gasoline-powered cars. There are no plans for a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe all-electric on this F74 platform.

Set to go into production from November 2024 to October 2030, this practical sedan will once again be an entry-level premium vehicle for the Bavarians.

Picture credit: Baldauf