Accompanying the release of the new B5 GT are numerous gems taken out of ALPINA’s own collection to complement the company’s most powerful production car ever. We’ve already seen immaculate examples of the B7S Turbo (E12), B7 Turbo (E28), and the B5 Touring (E61), and now the time has come to admire another pristine 5 Series. It’s a mint-condition B10 Bi-Turbo (E34) that remains factory fresh despite its venerable age.

Based on the third-generation 5 Series Sedan in the 535i flavor, the ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo was assembled in just 507 examples between August 1989 and March 1994. It was one of the fastest sedans in the world at the time, hitting 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.6 seconds and topping out at over 180 mph (290 km/h). As the car’s name implies, the inline-six engine codenamed “M30” with a 3.5-liter displacement had a pair of Garrett turbochargers boosting output to 360 hp and 520 Nm (384 lb-ft) of torque.


Even though it cost nearly twice the price of an M5 E34, the B10 Bi-Turbo became ALPINA’s best-selling product up to that point. Of the 507 cars made, the last 50 units can be visually distinguished by their wider kidney grille inspired by the V8-powered models. These cars also had the updated side mirrors, a different rear spoiler, leather (instead of cloth) upholstery, and a blue look for the instrument cluster dials – as seen in the adjacent images taken in Zandvoort where the B5 GT was presented to members of the media.

The B10 Bi-Turbo debuted in March 1989 at the Geneva Motor Show following a two-year development that required an investment of $3.2 million. Aside from completely dismantling the engine to thoroughly upgrade it, ALPINA also made improvements to the suspension and brakes, along with making cosmetic tweaks inside and out.

Nearly three decades have passed since production ended but this remains one of the most desirable sedans ever made, and we’re not just talking about BMWs and ALPINAs.

Photos: ALPINA