Throughout its history, the BMW M5 has evolved through six distinct generations. A seventh one is on the way. Of course, every iteration of this iconic vehicle has its own merits, and there isn’t a truly “bad” one among them. Nevertheless, certain models have unquestionably outshined the rest, especially in terms of performance. To see how they compare in a drag race, CarWow decided to line them up on the airstrip.

E28 M5

There are some nuances worth pointing out in the video. Firstly, we have the E28 M5 which holds the distinction of being the original, the car that initiated it all. Before the E28 M5, the concept of a four-door luxury sedan with the ability to chase down supercars seemed inconceivable.

E34 M5

Secondly, we’re getting the E34 M5, a model with with a somewhat underwhelming impact compared to its brilliant predecessor. It carried additional weight, offered a less engaging driving experience, and featured a more complex design that was slightly less appealing. However, as time has passed, the E34 has begun to rekindle fondness among enthusiasts.

E39 M5

Next we have the E39 M5, undoubtedly a strong contender for the title of the finest four-door sports car ever manufactured. Its stunning appearance continues to captivate even by today’s standards. Equipped with a magnificent naturally-aspirated 4.9-liter V8 engine and a six-speed gearbox, it delivers an exhilarating driving experience that is hard to match.

E60 M5


Of course, we have the E60 M5, arguably the most controversial 5 Series ever, if not the most controversial BMW. Period. Despite its devoted fanbase who hail it as the ultimate M5, it undeniably stands out as the most problematic member of the lineup. Its design stirred controversy upon its release in 2005, and the SMG gearbox can be exasperating. But that V10 makes up for a lot of things.

F10 M5

Often labeled as boring, the F10 M5 was a safe bet from BMW. While the E60-generation M5 does have numerous commendable attributes, it falls short in terms of executing them with the same level of enthusiasm exhibited by its M5 siblings. It excels in various aspects, yet lacks the vibrant spirit that characterizes its counterparts.

F90 M5

F90 M5. It’s still too new to properly label it, but the super sedan can hardly be faulted in any particular area, as it performs exceptionally well across the board. Contrary to initial concerns, the inclusion of its all-wheel drive system proves to be a positive enhancement, elevating its performance to even greater heights. Rather than detracting from its capabilities, the all-wheel drive system amplifies its prowess, making it an even more formidable machine.

Naturally, there are significant differences between these M5 models, from the horsepower output to the transmission of choice. But these type of drag races are not about playing fair, but rather about paying tribute to some icons.

Source: Carwow / YouTube