The rise of social media has drastically reduced our attention span as people tend to consume a lot of content in just a few minutes. Short videos tend to be the most popular on the Internet since most of us simply don’t have the patience anymore to watch a video longer than a couple of minutes. That said, we’re pleasantly surprised BMW has released a video in the “old format” to talk about the new 5 Series and its electric i5 sibling.

At nearly 18 minutes long, the in-depth video guides you through the G60 in four different flavors: a regular gasoline model (520i), a plug-in hybrid (530e), a purely electric i4 eDrive40 with rear-wheel drive and M Performance Parts, and the flagship dual-motor i5 M60 xDrive. The extended footage is a good opportunity to not just learn all there is to know about the eighth-generation 5er, but also discover the subtle design differences from one version to another.

Since all variations of the new 5 Series share the CLAR platform, the differences are discreet. Archrival Mercedes is doing things differently by having the E-Class on an ICE platform while the electric EQE sits on a dedicated EV architecture. It won’t be until 2025 when BMW adopts this strategy by selling the conventionally powered CLAR-based 3 Series and X3 alongside electric counterparts based on the upcoming Neue Klasse platform.

Aside from looking substantially different inside and out than its G30 predecessor, the G60 is also a much bigger car since it now stretches at 5060 mm (199.2 in) long. Its 1900 mm (74.8 in) wide and 1515 mm (59.6 in) tall, featuring a generous wheelbase of 2995 mm (117.9 in). Of course, China will get its own roomier 5 Series Sedan, believed to be known internally as the G68.

Although BMW introduced the 5 Series only a couple of months ago, it has already teased the crown jewel of the range. Coming in 2024, the M5 G90 will see the return of the Touring for a third iteration as the G99 will follow in the footsteps of the rare E34 and V10-powered E61. The M division has confirmed it’ll utilize the XM’s drivetrain, so a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 “S68” engine working with an electric motor. We’re hearing it’ll pack over 700 horsepower.

Source: BMW / YouTube