When BMW Motorrad introduced the Vision Next 100 at an event held in Los Angeles in October 2016, the spectacular bike came bundled with a pair of “data glasses.” Fast forward to July 2023, a similar tech is hitting the market as the “ConnectedRide Smartglasses.” Marketing jargon aside, these are motorcycle goggles that incorporate a head-up display to increase safety while riding by not having to look down on the bike’s screen.

Essential data such as speed, the gear you’re in, and navigation directions are projected directly into the rider’s field of view in real-time. You can hook up the smart glasses to a smartphone through Bluetooth or via a dedicated app. The rider can adjust the settings by using the multi-controller on the bike’s handlebars. BMW Motorrad will be selling them in two sizes (M and L) with different nose pads and with two sets of lenses (one tinted and one 85% transparent) with a built-in light sensor and UVA/UVB filter.

The lithium-ion battery has enough juice for up to 10 hours, and after it’s depleted, it can be recharged using a USB cable. The smart glasses from BMW Motorrad are built with an anthracite frame and can be adapted for a wide variety of helmets and face shapes to make them comfortable on longer journeys. Those tinted lenses turn the smart glasses into a pair of sunglasses while the ones that are 85% transparent are recommended to be used when you have a helmet with a built-in sun visor. Those who wear contact lenses should know that smart glasses can be used without making any changes. If you have prescription glasses, the lenses can be adjusted up to four diopters.

BMW Motorrad hasn’t put a price tag on them just yet but says the smart glasses will be available in most states later this year. You’ll be looking rather cool wearing these glasses while riding the new-for-2024 BMW CE 02 also introduced today with a starting price of $7,599.

Source: BMW Motorrad