In a bid to enhance comprehension, BMW aims to revolutionize the display visuals associated with semi-autonomous driving systems. Departing from the conventional depiction of a car on a highway, BMW seeks to introduce avatars and animated graphics that are more intuitive and user-friendly. CarBuzz recently uncovered a patent filed by BMW with the German Patent and Trademark Office. In the patent filled, BMW highlights the current limitations of existing graphics, particularly in terms of conveying crucial information such as road markings, traffic signs, and the subsequent actions taken by the vehicle.

How BMW’s Avatars and Animated Graphics Could Make Semi-Autonomous Driving More Intuitive

BMW proposes a fascinating concept where avatars take center stage. According to the patent, when your chosen avatar embodies a cowboy persona, an intriguing visual interaction unfolds. As the vehicle detects a new speed limit sign and adjusts its speed accordingly, the cowboy avatar dynamically responds by skillfully lassoing the sign—a clear indication of the car’s acknowledgment. To amplify the effect, the horse avatar might showcase a spirited display, bucking and accelerating forward to visually represent the vehicle’s intended acceleration.

Furthermore, embracing the mystique of the Chinese dragon avatar, BMW envisions an alternative interaction scenario. In this portrayal, when an animated sign appears on the display, the dragon avatar breathes a fiery display in the direction of the sign, symbolizing recognition and acknowledgement. With these imaginative implementations, BMW aims to establish a more engaging and intuitive connection between the driver and the semi-autonomous driving system, transcending the conventional boundaries of traditional visual displays.

BMW’s patent documentation outlines a range of possibilities for the implementation of their visionary visual display concept. This system can be integrated into various components such as the traditional instrument cluster, the central infotainment screen, or even the head-up display. We already know that the BMW iDrive system will get a major overhaul with Neue Klasse so this new technology will likely take advantage of that massive digital real estate.

BMW’s Commitment to Autonomous Driving: Level 2+ and Beyond

BMW has made significant strides in the realm of autonomous driving, currently incorporating Level 2+ autonomous features in select vehicles such as the iX, 7 Series, and the forthcoming new 5 Series. These advanced capabilities empower drivers with enhanced assistance and automation during their journeys. However, BMW’s dedication to autonomous driving doesn’t stop there. The company is actively pursuing Level 3 self-driving technology, which promises even greater autonomy and increased reliance on vehicle systems. Excitingly, further details regarding BMW’s efforts in Level 3 autonomous driving are on the horizon, so stay tuned!

[Source: CarBuzz]